Custom Hardware Solutions


BG Systems can provide rapid solutions to customer driven requirements. Listed below are some projects that required custom designed hardware.

  • Stick and Throttle Inceptor

    Fully populated 3-axis joystick inceptor and 2-axis throttle.  Both units output data over TCP broadcast at 400 Hz

    Features custom tactile 5-position switch (only available in limited systems).

    Throttle has motion in pitch and yaw.


    Web or socket interface allows update rates and other features to be configured.

  • Drive by Wire System

    BG Systems developed a force feedback steering system for an unmanned vehicle.  System uses redundant sensors to ensure reliable control.


    Dual MCU with dual CANbus outputs.

  • Custom Control System for Manned VTOL Aircraft

    A joystick and throttle system developed for a manned flight vehicle.  System features triple redundant sensors for the analog outputs from the joystick, triple ARM MCU boards with independent power supplies.

    Output is RS-422.

  • Control Console

    Control console developed to fit into a larger ship born control station.  Fixed grip with custom ergonomic layout of control buttons.  ARM MCU output to Linux USB. Custom firmware developed for customer requirements


    Features guarded main trigger, and palm (dead-man) trigger.


    Ergonomic location of thumb actuated 4-position jog switch.

  • Submersible ROV Control Console

    Custom stick design.


    Custom TCP network card to incorporate all the pilot controls including both sticks and all the controls on the panels.


  • High Altitude Drone Control System

    Joystick and throttle control system ground station.


    Features MCU with RS-422 output to flight computer and USB HID to display.



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